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Sorella Group Of Companies Annual Dinner 2018

  “老板指名道姓要请你做回公司尾牙晚宴司仪。” When I received this compliment from Nicole, I was thrilled! Nothing beats such a great comments! Thank you so much Sorella for having Emcee Jerry Wong as your annual dinner emcee for the second time. That night we had fun with magic show and distributed more than 250 lucky draw prizes to all the staffs! […]

April 22 – 1st Anniversary Annual Dinner.

April 22 – 1st Anniversary Annual Dinner. It was a night that worth to be remembered. A night to congregate, commemorate and celebrate all these hard working agents and people in making April Twenty another greater milestone. 6 speeches in total. Every speech had it’s own colour in making the journey of becoming a greater […]

Jay Chew and Poh Yee

Jay Chew and Poh Yee “世界那么大 我们就是这样从中学认识到大。” 这对欢喜冤家  仔细听听他们的对话方式 相处之道 都是那么的有趣 那么的让人羡慕 就像一对老朋友 只是比老友之间多了一份爱情。 喜欢他们的缘分 如此的美妙。 感谢你们的邀约 让 Jerry 有机会为你们服务。要幸福哟! #wedding #masterofteaceremony #emceejerry #emceemalaysia

SSF 31st Anniversary Annual Dinner – Truly Asia

Selamat Datang and Welcome to SSF 31st Anniversary Annual Dinner -Truly Asia! 15.3.2018 at New World Hotel, PJ 来自马来西亚 身穿西藏传统服装的资深女主持人 Emcee Carmen Teng 与 另外一位继上次在印度宝莱坞回来后,喜欢日文与泰文的马印混血华裔主持人,身穿中国制造,越南购买的华人装,准备以中文,英文及马来文向大家问候! Saranghaeeeyoooo! 不好意思,那个是韩文。哈哈! Thank you so much for having Emcee Jerry Wong ! #event #emceejerry #emceemalaysia #要颁超过100Awards #要分出超过300份的幸运抽奖 #要准备大只矿泉水

Dixon and June – Chinese Traditional Wedding

Dixon and June 10.3.2018 Love has many forms. It can be the feeling between the couple, It can be the relationship among friends, It can be the bonding between parents and children. Regardless of any, love is the important element that ensure humanity to grow stronger and healthier in the universe. Congratulations to Dixon and June! […]

Victor and Carey

3.3.2018 伟忠( Victor ) 与得雯  (Carey ) 世界上有一种美丽的爱情故事 就是在毫无预备的状况下偶然相遇 为你倾情。 新郎哥是一位笑容长挂在嘴边 谦虚谦卑的男孩 新娘子是一位性格冷酷 但是骨子里却是热情澎湃的女孩。 一对新人在这良辰吉日 选择了为彼此定下终生的承诺。 更重要的是 亲朋戚友们都为他们雀跃 也为他们开花结果的爱情 感到无比的开心。 最重要的是,新郎哥是我的中学育华同学呢!很开熏遇见许多熟面孔 感觉很棒! 非常感谢 让 Jerry Wong 有机会为两位主持的结婚大日子 这是我的福气! 祝两位 只羡鸳鸯不羡仙!幸福满满的! Videographer: Ak studio house Photographer: Goh Hong Lip #emcee #weddingemcee #emceemalaysia #emceejerry

Zenith Group Award and Appreciation Night 2018 – Bollywood!

Zenith Group Award and Appreciation Night 2018 – Bollywood! 3.3.2018 It’s always my pleasure while working with the company that you hosted with before, just like Zenith Group. This awesome and amazing night was fully engrossed and engaged with awards, recognition, enthusiastic people, dance , songs, music, and the tremendously well prepared theme – Bollywood! […]