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Mylanohaus 7th Annual Dinner

Mylanohaus 7th Annual Dinner 22.2.2018 The 7th Annual Dinner The 7th day of Chinese New Year The 7th agent to receive title of 007. A night that was full of James Bonds and Bond Girls. Glamorous and sophisticated look with a mission to enjoy the night overwhelmingly with abundance of joy, luck and prosperity. Long […]

Jiun Hau and Jamie

Jiun Hau and Jamie Wisma HuaZong 3.2.2018 15年是一个怎么样的光阴? 15年的相知相识相爱相恋。 15年的友情爱情亲情升华。 2018年2月的第三天 有情人走在红地毯上 享受着十指紧扣的甜蜜 接受着亲朋戚友的祝福 感受着婚姻带来的幸福 当晚的奏乐队专业敬业乐业 更有美声歌手 Jorinn Chee 完美呈现多首动人歌曲 此曲只应天上有 人间能得几回合? 感谢新人让 Emcee Jerry Wong 有机会为你们主持婚礼 祝你们幸福永久。 #wedding #weddingemcee #emceejerry#emceemalaysia  

Yee Kiat and Pei Tsan

  Yee Kiat and Pei Tsan 4.2.2018 两位来自马来西亚生土长的新加坡留学生 在爱的丘比特以及月老的安排下 在新加坡南洋大学( NTU) 相知相识相爱。 新娘子在致词的时候 含情脉脉的望着新郎哥 她说:虽然你没有宋仲基的帅 但是你却有一颗对我最好的心。 这一句话,在那一刻我觉得是最无价 也是最感动人心的幸福时刻。 新娘子接着说:因为我知道,我也没有宋慧乔的美。 全场爆笑! 却留下了许多美好的情景。 感性的,随性的,温馨的,那一场婚礼,我也被他们的真爱而感动了! 酸甜苦辣,顺境逆境,从此以后,愿两位继续为真爱奋斗,为美好的未来而继续的幸福去。 感谢新人的信任,让Emcee Jerry Wong 有机会担任晚宴司仪以及中式婚礼主持人。 感谢 Rhumba Liveband – Jackie,摄影团队 – Benson Yin and Team 以及 Elite Grandball room 上下员工 的配合,让晚宴顺利进行。 #wedding #emceejerry #emceemalaysia

San Lorenzo Montessori CNY Charity Bazaar

San Lorenzo Montessori Kindergarten Chinese New Year Charity Bazaar 2018 at One City. 3.2.2018 It’s never too late to lend a hand to the vulnerable group. This time we were going to offer helps for the Pennan Children. The Penan are a nomadic indigenous people living in Sarawak and Brunei. They are the minority group that […]

Torin Indurstries 14th Anniversary Annual Dinner

Torin Indurstries 14th Anniversary Annual Dinner at Premiere Hotel. 27 January 2018 One of the craziest annual dinners that I ever had! The people are kind and nice, sporting and interesting, mild and wild as well! I’m thrilled to witness the togetherness and relationship that were strongly bonded between the management and operation team, especially […]

Shafiee and Sook Yen

Shafiee and Sook Yen A mesmerising evening with lots of affection, love and laughter! With the presence of His Excellency The High Commissioner of Brunei Darussalam, lovely parents and wonderful guests.  We all thrilled, cherished and overjoyed the meaningful moments while witnessing the bonding of the couple! The charming and attentive Groom – Shafiee with […]

Shafee and Sook Yen

Shafee and Sook Yen 7.1.2018 “And suddenly, all the love songs are about you.” They met each other in a conference. Suddenly, the love sparked between them. Maybe love at first sight, or grew their affection later. Regardless of any, It’s definitely a true love. They overcome struggles, obstacles and challenges. And made their way […]