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Jack and Catherine

Jack and Catherine 30.12.2017 Galaxy Banquet Sentul 这个世界没有完美的人 也没有完美的爱情 有的是 有情人 愿意为彼此的不足而弥补 愿意为彼此的幸福而努力 感谢一对新人的新人 让小弟可以为这 幸福的夜晚 增添色彩 祝两位幸福美满。 感谢两位的邀约 让 Emcee Jerry 成为您的婚宴主持人 #wedding #emceejerry #emceemalaysia#weddingemcee

Victor and Madonna

Victor and Madonna 23.12.2017 Cyberview Resort & Spa 结婚是人生大事 为开花结果的爱情 欢呼 也为两大家族的结合而雀跃! 那一天的节目非常丰富 也让人不断地回味 第一部 祝福仪式 Blessing Ceremony 第二部 敬茶仪式 Tea Ceremony 第三部 晚宴 Reception 感谢 Isabella Lott 以及 新人的信任,让 Emcee Jerry Wong 有机会见证这美好的美景。 祝福这对俏皮的才子佳人 要幸福快乐! #weeding #weddingemcee #emceejerry #emceemalaysia

Kelab Sukan dan Rekreasi Sports TOTO Malaysia Annual Dinner 2017.

Kelab Sukan dan Rekreasi Sports TOTO Malaysia Annual Dinner 2017. 🎭 Hot & Masquerade 🏰 Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 🗓 8.12.2017 🎤 Emcee Jerry Wong Another mesmerising night worth to be remembered as everyone jive into the mood of Hot and Masquerade! Thank you so much for having me! #event #mcjoacademy #emceejerry#emceemalaysia  

Jason and Jing – Morning Tea Ceremony

👫 Jason and Jing 📆 11.10.2017 🏰 Selayang and Puchong 🎤 Jerry Wong 或许新郎哥看起来冷酷 大喜日子当天 嘴角却是挂着幸福的笑容 新娘子热情的招待 幸福满溢的待嫁心情 让我们感受到爱情 为他们的真爱而打动 感谢新人的信任 让 Emcee Jerry 有机会为你们主持婚礼 祝福你们 恩恩爱爱到永久 感谢 Hoorayde #中式婚礼主持人 #wedding #emceejerry #emceemalaysia

Jason and Jing

👫 Jason and Jing 📆 11.12.2017 🏰 Tanarimba, Janda Baik, 🎤 Emcee Jerry Wong 🎀 Hoorayde Wedding Planner Love has many faces. Jason and Jing promised to hold each other hand, respect their vows and be each other lover for the rest of their love. That night, we all were touched the moment her father give away Jing’s hand to this dashing […]

Jack and Kelly

🗓  3.12.2017 🏰  Swiss Garden International Hotels, Resorts & Inns 🎤  Emcee Jerry Wong Marriage does not guarantee you will be together forever. It’s just a piece of paper. It takes love, respect, understanding, trust, tolerance, friendship and faith in your relationship to make it last. That night was worth to be remembered because they marched […]

Yuet Mui and Edward

👫 Yuet Mui Liew and Edward Leong 🗓 25.11.2017 🏰 Moon Palace Restaurant – Puchong 蒲种花苑酒家 🎤 Emcee Jerry Wong No one is perfect in this world. That is why a great marriage is not the union of the perfect couples, but an imperfect couple who accepts and embraces each other’s flaw. To the lovely newlyweds couple Yuet Mui and Edward, please […]