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Dixon and June – Chinese Traditional Wedding

Dixon and June 10.3.2018 Love has many forms. It can be the feeling between the couple, It can be the relationship among friends, It can be the bonding between parents and children. Regardless of any, love is the important element that ensure humanity to grow stronger and healthier in the universe. Congratulations to Dixon and June! […]

Jason and Jing

👫 Jason and Jing 📆 11.12.2017 🏰 Tanarimba, Janda Baik, 🎤 Emcee Jerry Wong 🎀 Hoorayde Wedding Planner Love has many faces. Jason and Jing promised to hold each other hand, respect their vows and be each other lover for the rest of their love. That night, we all were touched the moment her father give away Jing’s hand to this dashing […]