Master of Tea Ceremony 大妗服务

Being a Master of tea ceremony, Emcee Jerry is versatile, experienced and professional in handling all different kind of customs.

His presentation is lively, vibrant and energetic. Most importantly, his friendly, amiable and approachable personalities have earned the connection with the audience.

“Listening to his witty, breezy and bubbly presentation is one of the enjoyable thing that you probably could ever have.”

– Mrs. Jane Low, Damansara Heights

Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Master of Tea Ceremony

To avoid unnecessary troubles due to opinion differences among the relatives.

To ensure the completion of every tiny and tedious traditional details.

 To ensure your wedding day runs smoothly.

To create appropriate ambience – lovely, joyful, warm and funny moments for your family and friends.

Hire a Master of Tea Ceremony

If you like Jerry’s vibe and style, feel free to drop us an enquiry for free quotation! Enquiries are now open for years 2019 and 2020.