As a wedding emcee, Emcee Jerry understands it’s a once in a lifetime moment that the couple worth to celebrate with all of their family and friends.

Love is meant to be an adventure

Emcee Jerry is well equipped with wedding dinner emcee experience, able to host wedding dinners in a professional manner. It is always the objective of Emcee Jerry to ensure that couples have a mesmerising and memorable wedding reception experience.

6 reasons for having a Wedding Emcee

To host the wedding reception for you.

To run the program for you.

To play suitable background music at your wedding.

To create suitable ambience at your wedding.

To be your time-keeper.

To organize your emotion better.

Emcee Jerry // Wedding Locations

These are some of Jerry’s favourite wedding locations where he enjoyed hosting for weddings, anniversaries and corporate events:

Are you ready to hire a wedding Emcee?

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