Dixon and June – Chinese Traditional Wedding

Dixon and June – Chinese Traditional Wedding

Dixon and June

Love has many forms.

It can be the feeling between the couple,
It can be the relationship among friends,
It can be the bonding between parents and children.

Regardless of any, love is the important element that ensure humanity to grow stronger and healthier in the universe.

Congratulations to Dixon and June!
Both of you have upgraded to becoming husband and wife!

To Connie, the new and fresh from oven Mother in law, may you have many grandchildren in the coming years!

It’s definitely an eye-opening to see you wearing the famous Chinese-style unlined garment ( 奶奶褂)!

Spectacular and Beautifully decorated backdrop for Tea Ceremony has mesmerized every guest during the session!

Thank you for having Jerry Wong as your Master of Tea Ceremony!

Emcee Jerry

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