Master of Chinese Wedding Ceremony 大妗服务

Being a Master of Chinese Wedding Ceremony, Emcee Jerry is versatile, experienced and professional in handling all different kind of customs.

His presentation is lively, vibrant and energetic. Most importantly, his friendly, amiable and approachable personalities have earned the connection with the audience.

“Listening to his witty, breezy and bubbly presentation is one of the enjoyable thing that you probably could ever have.”

– Mrs. Jane Low, Damansara Heights


  • To avoid unnecessary troubles due to opinion differences among the relatives.

  • To ensure the completion of every tiny and tedious traditional details.

  •  To ensure your wedding day runs smoothly.

  • To create appropriate ambience – lovely, joyful, warm and funny moments for your family and friends.

  • The overall flow of a Chinese Traditional Wedding Ceremony (Mandarin version)

    Chinese Traditional Wedding is full of custom and traditions. While planning your own wedding, you may not so sure the exact flow.
    Jerry is here to share with you the overall rundown of a Chinese Traditional Wedding Ceremony.

    Actual Chinese Traditional Wedding Ceremony ( Mandarin ) 
  • Chinese Traditional Wedding, Actual day preparation list (Bride)

    We heard of many different Chinese Traditional Weddings customs, rituals and sayings that bless the couple and marriage.
    We roughly know what to do but to be exactly, not really sure what to prepare. I know how you wish that there will be someone sitting next and guide you along the way.
    In order to help brides to understand the details in Chinese Traditional Wedding preparation, we've come up the guide that may help you along the way.

    Chinese Traditional Wedding Ceremony : Bride Actual day preparation list (Mandarin) 
  • Chinese Traditional Wedding, Actual day preparation list (Groom)

    Alright gentlemen, let me tell you, wedding is not just all about the bride - It truly is about both of you !
    Jerry is here and to share with you, what you shall prepare before your actual wedding day arrives.

    Chinese Traditional Wedding Ceremony : Groom Actual day preparation list (Mandarin)