Shafee and Sook Yen

Shafee and Sook Yen Wedding

Shafee and Sook Yen

“And suddenly, all the love songs are about you.”

They met each other in a conference.
Suddenly, the love sparked between them.

Maybe love at first sight, or grew their affection later. Regardless of any, It’s definitely a true love.

They overcome struggles, obstacles and challenges. And made their way to the door of happiness is the moment that we all worth to celebrate together with.

Shafee is a gentleman from Brunei Darussalam. For him, he respected Chinese traditional custom and learned to embrace them wholeheartedly, just like Sook Yen did in Nikkah, Berbedak and Sanding ceremony.

Heartfelt to this wonderful couple for their beautiful story. Thank you for having Jerry Wong as your Master of Tea Ceremony.


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