Dixon and June

Dixon and June Wedding

Dixon and June

A lovely couple who decided to hold their hand on the aisle of happiness for the rest of their life.

A night that’s worth to be reminisced because 
The hall was nicely decorated
The guests were well-dressed
The vibe was romantic.

Another lady who enjoyed the night, other than the bride, she was the freshly upgraded mother in law for the bride – Mdm Connie!

She’s sophisticated, elegant and gorgeous.
She enjoyed the night because it was celebrated with a bunch of her best friends.
She immersed into the mood of happiness, from that day onwards, she’s gonna enjoy her happiness and sadness with her daughter in law – June!

Also, I’m blessed to see Distinguished Toastmasters – Ramdas and her wife attended the wedding!

Thank You so much for having Emcee Jerry Wong! Congratulations once again!

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