Tze Hou and Camy Tong

Tze Hou and Camy Tong Wedding

There are tons and million of reasons for you to fall in love for the same person.

To them, love at first sight is the destiny of all. Tze Hou, Chartered Accountant from Malaysia who continues his career in Hong Kong and met Camy Tong, famous event planner in Hong Kong under the arrangement of cupid.

Their fireworks exploded during the first meet up and decided to be each other life time partner!

It’s Emcee Jerry Wong‘s pleasure to witness this momentous moment with all the guests from Hong Kong, Japan and of course, Malaysia at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel !

I could feel their passion and love during the reception! Such a precious friendship and bonding with their family.

Congratulations! Enjoy your honeymoon!


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